After a long wait, Machinegames rolled out the new release of Wolfenstein, and the wait haven’t been for nothing.



The year is 1960 and the Nazi’s have won the World War 2, and taken the whole world with force. After 14 years in an asylum in Poland, B.J Blazkowicz suddenly have to wake up and continue the fight he fought in the 40’s. It’s just one thing though, the new weaponry and enemies you come across makes this a whole “new” war. Forget the old ways of tanks, now the Nazi’s have created monstrous robots, super soldiers and not to mention even the dogs have been upgraded in new ways.

I know this can sound like a really short and shallow game, but I just don’t want to reveal too much of the game. The story is actually surprisingly good, and with the addition of the awesome brutal gameplay.



With this new enemies and future weaponry brought to the Nazi’s with stolen technology, you get a completely new way to play. You have to adapt to the situations at all times and even then, you will guaranteed get into a blitzkrieg.

Fortunately, you can play stealthy if you like, but it’s a challenge as this is first person. Although playing as stealthy as you can is the best way to go unless you just want to go all Rambo on the enemies. Either way, you’ll get there in the end, it’s just a matter of preferred styles.

I have to say that I really love the dual wield of every weapon you can carry as long as you have gathered two of the same guns. Let’s face it, running around with dual wield semi-automatic shotguns or assault rifles is not a cool visual effect but also an effective way of taking out the enemies. The only thing I was wishing for the whole time was the option of mixing assault rifles and shotguns together, one in each hand, but I guess that would have been overpowered.

Another cool feature is the sliding you can do when you run, or actually you run, slide and gun at the same time, but it’s also effective to get to cover.

The brutality in this game is probably the best I’ve seen in a while from games. It’s like the developers haven’t been afraid of really get the aggression towards the Nazi’s in the light, which is awesome and for once the ESRB rating are understandable for a FPS. There are some really brutal parts where I just sat there and thought what the…. But then again, it’s just another awesome part you’ll remember later on and give this game an edge with the wedge.

Id software have been a part of the development of this game, and it’s shown throughout the whole game. You can even feel it in the gameplay, it’s like a pre look at Doom 4. The armor and health gathering is just a look into the future of Quake and Doom, just with better graphics.

A rather fun part of this development is that I found and Easter egg where you can play a level of Wolfenstein 3D, it’s the same level each time you start it, but just that it’s there is a really fun feature.



During the game you can find different collectibles, and some of them can be used to open new game modes, but only if you can find them all. Because without the codes, you can’t decrypt the enigma codes.



I can only say “Oh my god”, the graphics in this game are just beautiful. You can actually start to see the possibilities in the next generation consoles. The smoothness, the details, it’s just a moving piece of art. I really have to say that MachineGames and Id software together have really sat an standard for the expectations of Doom 4 when it comes to the graphics.


Conclusion: This game is one of the better games I’ve played of the old franchises in a long while, and the fact that I really love a brutal game makes this game even better for me. I was a sceptic before release due to the robot fighting and so on, but they didn’t fail. What they do is that they deliver an awesome game where you can just have your fun with silent but brutal takedowns, or just have your blitzkrieg. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have fun with this game.

Rating: 9/10

Easter. It’s a time for chocolate eggs. A time when bunnies roam the fields leaving little baskets of presents for children. And now it’s also a time for a Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, thanks to nearly 100,000 RuneScape players who took to the polls to have their say. When asked whether they wanted a comedic interlude, or a more traditional rabbit and chocolate offering, 66% of those 100,000 voters went for the cabbages and the monkeys. We guess they’re not rabbit fans then…

Launching this week, the humorous Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza event pits Brassica Prime, a Cabbage God obsessed with all things delicious, against Marimbo, Ape Goddess, party animal, and lover of all things fun, in a competition to determine who is supreme. The voting of the event was part of the RuneScape “Power to the Players” initiative, which puts key game decisions back in the hands of the people that matter most – the RuneScape community.

The Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza is played on a large field with a safe zone on either side. Played in a series of rounds, players have just a short time to run from one side to the next while avoiding hazards, earning points by surviving rounds, mining cabbage ore and, yes, punching monkeys in the face. However if they don’t make it back to the safe zones in time they will be turned into a gorilla guard and will have to attack the remaining players as they run across the map in order to score points.

As a reward for taking part in the event players will earn points which can be spent on cosmetic items, as well as bonus Farming XP and Slayer VIP tokens.

The Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza launches this week, and players will be able to earn cosmetic items until Friday 25th April.

Wargaming today announced that Update 9.0: New Frontiers for World of Tanks is now available worldwide.

This addition kicks off the Company’s plans for a massive visual overhaul of World of Tanks throughout 2014, featuring enhanced graphics for all battle arenas, tanks, and in-game objects, high definition models for ten armored vehicles, and an all new Historical Battles game mode.

In New Frontiers, The America M4 Sherman, Soviet T-54, and German Tiger I are among the first ten iconic tanks that appear revamped with high definition models and textures. Some new physics functions, such as turrets being blown off upon the explosion of the ammo rack and realistic suspension behavior in the HD models allow tankers to delve deeper into intense battles.

The new Historical Battles game mode pits enemies against each other in some of World War II’s legendary tank encounters. Tankers will command historically-outfitted vehicles and relive three of history’s iconic battlefields: Operation Spring Awakening, the Battle of Kursk, and the Ardennes Breakthrough.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, April 15th, 2014 –Today Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® announced the upcoming Easter Event for ANNO® Online that starts today and runs until April 29.

To celebrate Easter, three new main quest chains that reward players with Easter XP and Easter eggs are now available. Easter eggs can be exchanged for special Easter buildings including a Henhouse and a Barn. There is also a new Easter Treasure Hunter ship that has better stats than the Treasure Hunter ship and can be purchased with eggs.

Players can also collect re-spawning Easter eggs that are hidden all over the home island or receive them as a reward from completing quests.

Goods can be used to produce the Easter buff, which is needed to solve Social Quests which gives players new achievements. There are more than 10 new achievements players can collect and more hidden achievements are planned.

With these new decorative buildings players can turn their island into an Easter paradise.

The Easter Event will start on April 15th and will last until April 29th.

For more information on ANNO Online please visit: The Settlers Online.

Get an early look at Blue Beetle in the latest Champion Profile video from Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play MOBA from Turbine based in the DC Universe! Then on Wednesday, April 30, players can use his assassin and marksman skills to injure enemies from afar and sprint for the kill, when Blue Beetle goes live in-game!

Jamie Reyes wandered into a fight between warring super-human gangs and, desperate to escape, stumbled across the object which they were fighting over: a strange blue scarab. The scarab bonded to Jamie and instantly covered his body with battle armor. Protected, he fled to safety.

After his escape, Jamie was horrified to discover that while the armor wasn’t permanent, his bond to the scarab was. Worse, he discovered the scarab could “speak” in his mind. It revealed to Jamie that it was called Khaji-da and it was a living tool of conquest created by the Reach, an alien empire bent on conquest. Designed to control its host’s mind, Khaji-da intended for Jamie to be a tool of the Reach, paving the way for their invasion. However, the scarab was damaged, much to Jamie’s luck, and he retained free will. Now he struggles as Blue Beetle, misunderstood teenager and hero.

Wargaming today unveiled its plans to join with its long-term partner, the Russian Kubinka Tank Museum, to reconstruct and put back to a running condition the only remaining Panzer VIII Maus tank.

“Wargaming closely cooperates with military museums around the world,” said Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Publishing at Wargaming. “We are excited to contribute to the Kubinka’s initiative and plan on supporting the museum in future. We’ll help it put together an exclusive collection of armored warfare, assisting it in lifting and reconstruction of legendary military vehicles and enriching its exhibition with renowned machines from private collections from across the world. A unique selection of legendary warfare will attract military enthusiasts from Russia and abroad, sparking interest towards military history and inspiring younger generations to learn more about their country’s past.”

Regarded as the epitome of excellent tank design, the colossal Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus is the heaviest, fully enclosed armored fighting vehicle to see completion during World War II. Weighing 188 tonnes, only two prototypes were ever completed. The sole surviving tank is housed at the Kubinka Museum with an empty hull.

The museum and Wargaming intend to re-build its interior from scratch based on authentic diagrams. Missing parts will be restored in single quantities at a number of tank-building plants, with the entire process supervised by experienced warfare instaurators. The conserved Maus will be stored at the Kubinka Museum so that people from all over the world may come see the renowned vehicle with their own eyes.

Wargaming is involved in a number of socially significant projects that aid in the preservation of historic heritage. The company has launched a global campaign to assist in the search for and conservation of military warfare worldwide, including the support of the Soviet T-34-76 tank restoration in Belarus and the lifting and reconstruction of the KV-1 USSR tank in Voronezh, Russia. Other activities include the recovery of the world’s last remaining Dornier Do 17, now on display at the Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford, United Kingdom, the Wargaming Education Center at the Tank Museum at Bovington, United Kingdom, and the on-going sponsorship of the USS Iowa, docked in the Port of Los Angeles, California.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, April 11, 2014 – Today, Ubisoft® unveiled the first pets gameplay footage for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Developed by Ubisoft Montréal, the game is now accessible to everyone willing to stockpile gold, loot neighbours’ chests and brag about maniacal castle defences in their quest to become the undisputed master of Opulencia.

In this video pets are introduced to everyone, these little creatures have two main activities: first they hang out with players during attacks because sometimes they can feel lonely in these huge castles. And secondly, pets are really useful as they will help players to pick up all the loot they’ll find on their way when attacking a neighbour’s castle.

The pets are one of the new features of the latest pack, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot evolves constantly, pack after pack, every month.
To get looting sign up with a Uplay account at Ghost Recon Phantoms.

WHAT: The Uplay Spring Sale offers discounts of up to 75% on select downloadable Ubisoft titles and add-ons for PC, including Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Might & Magic X Legacy and many more. The promotion also includes top titles from other publishers, like Thief, The Walking Dead and Batman Arkham Origins. In parallel, Ubisoft is offering up to 50% off its Ubicollectibles, a collection of premium merchandise for fans of the company’s popular brands, and up to 40% off the total purchase value of Ubisoft’s physical catalog of games (on PC DVD, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS).

WHO: The Uplay Spring Sale is available worldwide. The offers on Ubicollectibles and physical games are available in more than 140 countries across Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

WHY: Missed the last Uplay sale? Looking for an economical way to try something new? The Uplay Spring Sale has games and goodies for everyone.

WHEN: The Uplay Spring Sale runs now through April 20.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, April 10, 2014 – Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms is now available on Steam and Windows PC. Formerly Ghost Recon Online, Ghost Recon Phantoms launches with a new identity, new features and worldwide distribution.

A brand-new gaming experience built upon community feedback

Ubisoft has built a new identity for Ghost Recon Phantoms that includes a new background story, new user interface as well as new character and weapon designs for all three classes. Three maps have also been updated with a complete lighting and level redesign. Players will also be able to fully customize their weapons and characters with the new ModMaster feature to help them stand out on the battlefield.

In addition, matchmaking has been improved to guarantee a fair gaming experience by taking into account player skills and level of equipment. To start new players off on the right foot, the new user experience has been retooled to offer players access to better weapons, sooner.

Worldwide distribution

“Steam is always a cornerstone of the distribution strategy of any PC tactical team-based game like Ghost Recon Phantoms. The additional exposure we are getting through Steam will further increase our already 5-million-strong user base,” said Corey Facteau, producer.
To guarantee the best gaming experience around the world, Ubisoft will open new servers in Asia, Australia and South America, in addition to those already covering Europe and North-America.

A new trailer and a strong presence in major gaming events

“The launch trailer is an accurate portrayal of the new DNA of the game. Sleeker, more refined and looking better than ever, it showcases the new character design in a map that our veterans know very well, the Xinyi District. The intense action sequence is just a peek into the intense combat of the game and reinforces the Ghost Recon Phantoms belief that by fighting as a team, you prevail,” Corey Facteau explained.

The trailer was directed by Patrick Clair, who has previously worked with Ubisoft on trailers for Watch DogsTM and Tom Clancy’s The DivisionTM, but is now best known for his work directing the title sequence of the HBO hit show True Detective.

“We will also be present in other gaming events in Europe, where we will organize exhibition matches between MOBA and FPS pro teams, to demonstrate our unique team-based gameplay,” Corey Facteau added.

Sometimes a Game of the Year Edition is just not enough – especially when you are dealing with the most powerful man on the planet. So the craziest Saints Row ever gets the edition it deserves: the Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition! It features the highly acclaimed Saints Row IV with all 28 DLCs including the new and exclusive Mercia Gun.

The Game of the Century Edition will be available across Europe from 23 May 2014 for a recommended retail price of €29.99/£24.99.

Included DLCs:
Commander-in-Chief Pack, Online Pass, Volition Comics Pack, Saints Row IV Season Pass, The Rectifier, Executive Privilege Pack, Brady Games Pack, Grass Roots Pack, Presidential Pack, Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack, Wild West Pack, GAT V Pack, Enter The Dominatrix, The Super Saints Pack, Pirate’s Booty Pack, Thank You Pack, Element of Destruction Pack, Zinyak Attack Pack, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? Pack, How the Saints Save Christmas, Anime Pack, Stone Age Pack, Bling Bling Pack, Reverse Cosplay Pack, GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge, Game On, College Daze, Merica Gun.

DENMARK, April 10, 2014 –Today, Ubisoft announced that Trials Frontier, the free-to-play mobile title from RedLynx and its best-selling and award-winning Trials series, is now available only on the App Store. The series’ first appearance on mobile devices, Trials Frontier transports players to the distant future where they find themselves the newcomer in a run-down town desperate for a hero.

Players will practice their skills, learning how to race, flip and cruise through tracks as they earn new gear for their bikes and complete missions for the townsfolk in order to prepare for a face-off with the town villain, Butch. As players progress through the game they will unlock new maps, tracks, bikes and fine-tune their racing skills.

Trials Frontier will receive regular post-launch updates that include new bikes, missions and the introduction of infinite multiplayer brawls to keep players competing and racing on the newest bikes. Stay connected with friends through time challenges, leaderboard sharing capabilities and social network integration to prove who has the fastest time.
Players can connect with Trials Fusion, coming out April 16 on console and April 24 on Windows PC, to gain access to bonus rider gear and see what some of the tracks looked like in their prime.


WHAT: Ubisoft is rewarding the commitment of its biggest fans by giving them opportunities to take part in E3, the world’s premier show for video games. Twelve creative and dedicated Uplay members from around the world will be chosen to join Ubisoft in Los Angeles for this year’s show. As “Uplay Ambassadors” they will receive the VIP treatment, including all-expenses paid travel, access to the E3 show floor, a ticket to the Ubisoft press conference and exclusive meetings with Ubisoft’s development teams. Ten ambassadors will be picked from among the most dedicated members of Ubisoft’s games’ communities, and two members will become ambassadors by winning fan contests.

One thousand additional Uplay members will receive an invitation to the Uplay lounge, a pop-up event being held in an impressive location near the Los Angeles Convention Center. At the Uplay lounge, members will have hands-on time with games from Ubisoft’s E3 lineup as well as time to discuss their favorite titles with Ubisoft’s teams, compete against other fans and win prizes.

WHO (& HOW): Uplay members can win one of two contests to become an ambassador:

o The Uplay Fan Art Contest. Uplay members can show their talents by creating fan art based on their favorite Ubisoft titles. The jury for the contest is composed of members of Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio, and the winner will not only become an ambassador but also will have his or her art animated by the Montpellier team. More details are available here

o The Uplay Fan Video Contest. Participants can submit a video in one of three categories: Cosplayer, for creators with amazing costumes talents; Competitor, for the best speed-runners or most skilled players; and, Filmmaker, for fans who want to show off their filmmaking talents. More details are available here

The 1,000 Uplay members who receive invitations to the Uplay lounge will be chosen from those who pre-register at www.uplaylounge.com. Anyone who is not chosen or is unable to make it to Los Angeles still will be able to see E3 highlights via exclusive videos, photos and other surprises found at Uplay Lounge

WHY: Uplay wants to reward and surprise its loyal members by providing exclusive live experiences, and by delivering an immersive online experience.

The Uplay lounge and Uplay Ambassador program are part of the broader rewards Uplay provides to dedicated Ubisoft fans.

- Registrations for the Uplay lounge start today
- The fan art contest started April 8 and end April 30
- The fans video contest will start April 15 and end April 30
- The Uplay lounge will open its doors June 9 and close June 12

The Uplay Lounge will be located inside The Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles. More information available at Uplay Lounge

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